Nov 22, 2013

Episode 41 - Sounds From Down Under

This week I am joined by Australian singer/song writer Charlie Keller. Charlie was on a three month tour over here in the states and he was nice enough to drop by the Michael Malone Show to record some live songs off his EP "Life is Much Easier When You're a Cowboy". Keller has such a unique sound, every song has a different feeling to it because he stays true to the song he is creating, unlike most musicians who stick to to a brand or genre. At age 11 Charlie learned how to play guitar from an ex-reverend, and since then he has been traveling the world playing music on street corners, clubs, colleges and theaters. Keep up with Charlie's adventures, and download his new EP on his official website



Oct 22, 2013

Episode 40 - White Chocolate

This week I am joined by comedian Bill Blank, and no not the old Tybo instructor. Bill is a staple in the comedy community, Des Moines Iowa is where he resides but he's one of those comics you constantly cross paths with on the circuit. We talk about the pros and cons of working urban rooms, the gift and the curse of being a comedian when surrounded by regular people out in the real world, which goes hand in hand with how jaded and depressed most comics are in real life versus their stage persona, and of course the sacrifices we make trying to balance a family while also being a road dog.

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Oct 8, 2013

Episode 39 - Wayfaring Strangers

This week an incredible four piece band by the name of "Will and The Won'ts" joins me in studio to play a few songs off their self released debut album "The Traveler". We talk crazy band names from their past, where the root of all music comes from, and their incredible skill of being able to play multiple instruments and sing - Yes, ALL four members can play each other's instruments and are able to sing lead. Trust me, this is a band you get on board with now and watch them absolutely take over the music scene in the next few years. Plus a very special co-host on this episode, my lovely girlfriend and singer/song writer herself, Miss Hillary Tribbett joins me on this special edition of The Michael Malone Show!


Will Risbourg - Vocals/Guitar

Gui Bodi - Bass/Vocals

Andrew BIlotti - Drums/Vocals

Matt Salmons - Keys/Harmonica/Lap Steel/Vocals

Download "The Traveler":




Sep 25, 2013

Episode 38 - Kickstarting Katie

This week the enchanting singer/song writer Katie Boeck joins me to share about her new kickstarter project to raise money for her first full length studio album. Help Katie raise some money and spread the word about her project, trust me - after hearing 30secs of her playing some live tracks off her upcoming album on this episode you will donate your child's college fund - yeah, she's that good. Sit back, relax and enjoy the smooth story telling styles of Katie Boeck. 

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Website :

Kickstarter Project:


Sep 17, 2013

Episode 37 - Tastes Like Pineapple

Comedianne Leah Mansfield joins me today with some of the most interesting stories I've ever heard. She shares about what it was like hiding her sexuality behind her religion, coming out to her family who already figured out she was gay, her first time with a lady and she ends with a light hearted story about her grandmother running her mother other with a car. Daughter of a scientist and a chemist she is a frankenstein monster that was crafted for comedy. 

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Sep 4, 2013

Episode 36 - Viva Las Vegas

Listen and learn how my good friend, comedian Derek Richards, and me fooled an entire town into believing I was American Idol winner David Cook.

Derek is the creator of "The Irish Comedy Tour" and also one of the first guys to give me a shot at going on the road early in my career. Derek is a vault of comedy business gold! If you are aspire to a career in comedy, THIS IS A MUST LISTEN FOR YOU! Listen. Learn. Like. Subscribe.


Aug 21, 2013

Episode 35 - Rubbing my Thighs

The multi talented comedian Tyrone Hawkins joins me today to talk about his past 9 lives. He grew up touring the nation as star on broadway, after high school he was hanging out with legends like Bootsy Collins and Dr. Dre which lead to him setting up his own recording studio and right before he eventually lost everything and turned to heavy drinking and stand up comedy. We also cover "Baby slut pageants" and how he almost took me out in the Seattle International Comedy Competition last year. This episode is jam packed with funny, heart breaking yet interesting stories that you won't wanna miss, so sit back, listen, laugh, and please don't forget to share with a friend!


Aug 14, 2013

Episode 34 - Candle in the Wind

Round two for Adam Norwest on the Michael Malone Show. Adam steps back in the ring and gives me a beating as we go punch for punch in a ball-busting match for the ages, culminating in him trying to spend $4,000 of my money on a domain name: cocoa butter dot net. ...But we'll get to all that in due time. You've seen Adam on CMT's Next Big Comic (He WON) and on iTunes with his hilarious debut album, "One of a Kind." Listen, let us know you liked it, and SUBSCRIBE! Then, tell a friend, and chip into the cocoa butter website fund--just joking, but seriously. 


Aug 1, 2013

Episode 33 - Lone Star State of Mind

One of our favorites here at the Michael Malone Show, comedian Justin Foster stops by to chat about his new podcast (Foster the Podcast) where he interviews comedians/actors that have incredibly wild stories too risky to share on stage. We also talk about his undying love for his home state of Texas, how to avoid drive by shootings and discounted Hollywood hookers. This episode is jam packed with laughs, so hit play and hang out with Justin Foster and I on this week's installment of the Michael Malone Show.

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Jul 24, 2013

Episode 32 - The Trick to Making People Laugh

WARNING: The microphone levels are a little off balance but the conservation is at an all time high.*

Nicholas Anthony stops by and I harass him about his past life as world famous magician. Nick has such an interesting story, he started performing at 12 years old, and at 16 he became the #1 junior close up magician in the world- Yeah, you read that right THE WORLD! He then set his sights on stand up comedy and has had huge success in that realm as well. You have seen Nick on two seasons of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, the Bob and Tom Show, a few feature films and placing in pretty much every comedy competition out there. We also chat about his new endeavor, screen writing.

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